Available courses

This section covers immediate updates and training for temporary and/ or situational events. 

We will post new guidelines, reinforce old guidelines, and outline operational updates.

This is information for EMS Monthly Training and General Information. It is not for transitional or upgrade training.

This course includes training that is required by the department on a yearly bases. Classes include but are not limited to HIPPA, Bloodborne Pathogens, Drivers Training. It also allows for the upload of AHA certification cards.

Here you will find the requisite transition lessons for EMT 1 to bridge to the new scope of practice implemented by State of Alaska in 2019. Lessons include, but are not limited to: oral analgesia, CPAP, obtaining 12-lead, opioid antagonists, and inhaled or nebulized medications. 

This class consists of the didactic portion of the Federal and State Red Card (Wildland Firefighting) certification.

After the core classes have been completed a field day and pack test are still required for certification.